Fitton: DOJ Still in 'Cover-Up Mode' on Lynch-Clinton Tarmac Meeting

Florida Sen. Bill Nelson (D) slammed Rick Scott on Monday after the Republican governor announced his bid for Nelson's Senate seat, saying Scott "will say and do anything to try to get elected."

Nelson touted his accomplishments on "The Daily Briefing with Dana Perino," and thereafter scoffed at Scott's policy announcement that he will run on the issue of establishing term limits.

"It takes time to work up through the seniority system, so I would think that that's particularly important to Florida," he added.

In Scott's announcement Monday, he touted himself as a governor who has never "played by the political rules," a personal aspect he said will help fix Washington.

"It’s time to shake that place up. We don’t need another politician in Washington -- it’s full of politicians, and that’s why it’s broken," he said.

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