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Former Secret Service Agent Dan Bongino said Saturday that Democrats are largely opposed to President Trump's plan to secure the border because their viewpoint plays well with their base.

Bongino, a former Congressional candidate in western Maryland, said there is "an unprecedented level of obstruction" from Democrats on Capitol Hill to Trump's vision of securing the border and curbing illegal immigration.

"The Democrats have firmly and resolutely stood in his way," he said, adding that they won't seek a permanent solution because a more porous border "sells well amongst [their] radical liberal base."

Bongino called for all lawmakers to recognize the border security problem.

"The big lie is that illegal immigration should only be discussed in terms of the effect on the law breaker," he said. "Everyone worries about what's going to happen to the illegal [immigrant]."

He said illegal immigration is also an "enormous cost" to the American taxpayer and that it is detrimental to legal immigrants and those seeking to follow the rules.

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