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They tell us a big blue wave is coming ... well I’ve got some Final Thoughts.

Here are the competing agendas. The Left: bigger government, identity politics, fewer rights for Americans and more rights for illegals.

The Right: border security, tax cuts, more rights and smaller government.  Take your pick.

The coastal elites and some so-called journalists would have you believe President Trump is hated in this country and around the world. Well, let’s get something straight: THEY hate President Trump, the Twitter keyboard warriors hate President Trump and the crusty do-nothing establishment RINOs hate President Trump. 

We, the law-abiding, hard-working, freedom-loving, ask-for-nothing, build-it-ourselves, American silent majority - yeah, remember us - we stand with this president because this president stands with us. Everything this president does is to protect the American people, whether that’s our jobs, our incomes, our constitutional rights or our borders.

Contrary to what the ‘fake news’ media and far left crisis actors would have you believe, this country is still center-right and the people of this country are sick and tired of being told we are victims. We are not victims, we are Americans.  So take your identity politics and move along. 

We the people don’t want your entitlements and we don’t need your pity party. That’s why this President won and will win again. Trump never promised to give us free things, he promised to get out of the way and allow us to flourish the way Americans do when they aren’t weighed down with regulations, mandates and arbitrary restrictions.

He believes in us enough to bring back jobs for coal, steel, oil and factory workers. By sticking it to China and other unfair trading partners, President Trump is giving us, the American worker, not only a vote of confidence but a level playing field. When the United States leads from the front, the world comes to our table ready to negotiate.

That’s what happens when we have a leader who not only wants to win but knows WE WILL.

And to the Beltway swamp rats, ‘Never-Trump’ crybabies, and establishment Republicans, listen up. If you continue to block this president’s ‘America first’ agenda, we will lose control of Congress in November. It’s time to recognize the cancer within our own ranks and get rid of the members who are more concerned with lining their pockets and patting themselves on the back than they are about the constituents they represent. You’re done. I am sick of hearing that our president isn’t fulfilling his promises when it’s YOU blocking him at every turn. 

You control the House and Senate but still couldn’t get him the funding for the border wall in your BS omnibus bill, so President Trump is forced to try and get the funding through the Pentagon. Meanwhile you gave Senate Minority leader Charles Schumer access to over a half billion dollars in federal funds for a tunnel. That’s ridiculous. 

And these recent special elections we’ve lost are not a referendum on Trump, they are a clear sign the American people no longer trust YOU, the establishment.

If the midterm elections come down to RINOs versus Democrats, the silent majority will stay home once again and it will be a blue wave.

We got a tax cut, we got military funding, we got provisions of Obamacare repealed but we’ve got a wall to build and more jobs to bring back home. So Republicans, conservatives, Americans: if you believe in all those things, make your voice heard to the establishment NOW that you want candidates with an ‘America first’ agenda.

The other side is all jazzed up by their protests, their pink hats and their Twitter hashtags. We’ve come too far and have too strong of a leader in the White House to be swallowed by another blue wave.

Those are my final thoughts. From L.A., God Bless and take care.

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