Border Patrol Council VP: 'Obama Holdovers' Keeping 'Catch & Release' Alive and Well

Texas Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick expressed his support of deploying National Guard troops to secure the Mexican border, saying he hopes President Trump keeps the extra defense there "until hell freezes over."

Trump signed a proclamation Wednesday sending the guard to the border. He said Thursday he'd want most, if not all, of the potentially 2,000 to 4,000 troops to remain there until his proposed border wall is built.

"I hope they'll stay there until hell freezes over, until that wall is built. We need the wall," said Patrick, a Republican.

Patrick said on "Outnumbered Overtime" that he supports the effort because it "frees up law enforcement and border patrol."

He said border patrol officers and other law enforcement can help while the National Guard does "behind-the-scenes" work and surveillance.

"Their very presence will send a strong message, as it has before," he said.

President Trump has said other countries are laughing at the United States' immigration laws, which he said "are so weak and so pathetic" that migrants claiming asylum are allowed to enter.

"The idea that any Democrat or any liberal does not want to secure our border, to me, they're not upholding their oath of protecting the Constitution and the laws of this country," Patrick said.

"That includes the governor of California if he does not join the president," he added, alluding to California Gov. Jerry Brown.

Brown has been under scrutiny for sanctuary state law that limits cooperation by state law enforcement with federal immigration officials.

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