2nd-Grader Brings Home Paper From School Detailing White Privilege

Former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin discussed the Second Amendment, border security, immigration and much more in a wide-ranging interview with Mark Levin

The 2008 Republican vice presidential candidate said she sees "hypocritical double standards" when it comes to the left's push for more gun control measures.

She said all Americans have the constitutional right to protect themselves and their families in the same way celebrities and politicians are protected. 

"We have every right, we have a God-given right that’s codified in our Bill of Rights to protect ourselves and to protect our property and our families. It’s not just a select few that government will choose who gets to be protected. The movie stars, the politicians in D.C., those in a courthouse, no. The Bill of Rights does apply to every single citizen of the U.S.," she said. 

Responding to President Trump's renewed calls for border security, including using U.S. troops, Palin said it's "obvious" why Democrats are opposed. 

"I think that they just fear that Americans aren’t gonna vote Democrat, so by golly they’ll import people who will," she said.


Palin said those in favor of "globalization" want cheap labor and Americans are getting "sick of it."

"It comes back to either supporting the rule of law, our legal immigration system, or supporting and incentivizing illegal immigration with no expectation of assimilating any of the people into our culture or anything else. It’s really whack. People are really sick of it," she said. 

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