House Dem: Trump 'Scapegoats' Immigrants to Distract From Mueller, Stormy Daniels

Chris Wallace said Friday that President Trump is engaged in an "unprecedented attack" on the mainstream media, something he has found particularly "distressing."

The "Fox News Sunday" anchor pointed to a joint news conference this week with leaders from three Baltic states, where Trump told the Latvian president not to call on a member of the U.S. "fake news."

"It's a different thing when it's on the international stage. I've never heard a president bash the media when he's dealing with foreign leaders," Wallace said.

Conversely, Wallace believes there has been bias toward Trump among some members of the mainstream media and in newspapers.

"I think both of those things are true, and I'm not sure that it's especially healthy for the country," Wallace added.

Fox News contributor Newt Gingrich also wrote in an op-ed piece Thursday that he believes "the elite media’s intense and pervasive hostility has begun to vaccinate the American people against its opposition to President Trump."

He added that among all of the "chaos" the press has said is taking place in the White House, his approval ratings have gone up and that Trump is "winning and the elite media is not."

Watch the segment from "America's Newsroom" above.

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