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Tucker Carlson ripped several prominent liberals and journalists' contention that President Trump's blunt talk on illegal immigration is racist or untrue.

At a forum in West Virginia meant to revolve around taxes, the president discussed at length the illegal immigration problem in the U.S.

Trump reminded the crowd that some of the illegal immigrants entering the United States are criminals and explicitly, rapists.

Carlson said the media and the left became enraged at the contention, and called him racist.

The host said that only a few years ago, news outlets were running stories that confirmed Trump's view, like a headline that said 80 percent of women and girls are raped while immigrating to the U.S. from Mexico.

"Confront them with reality and they call you names," Carlson said.

He noted Trump also mentioned many other problems with illegal immigration.

Carlson said the left's favorite phrase to use while responding to a centrist or conservative position is, "diversity is our strength."

"As if that settles arguments," he said, adding that liberals believe invoking diversity is a "talisman" that cures the debate.

"Facts are a threat to their fantasies," he said. "[They want you to] shut up and obey."

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