Judge Nap: Mueller Just Dropped 'Biggest Hint' Yet of Trump-Russia Collusion

Former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee reacted Thursday to new reports of Robert Mueller interviewing Russian oligarchs as part of his probe.

CNN reported that the special counsel team will interview several oligarchs who traveled to the U.S., "stopping at least one and searching his electronic devices when his private jet landed at a New York area airport."

The tactics suggest they're looking to determine if wealthy Russians helped fund President Trump's campaign and alleged money laundering. 

Rep. Hakeem Jeffries (D-N.Y.), who sits on the House Judiciary Committee, said on CNN that Mueller is "running a thorough, comprehensive investigation."

"What we know is that you've got potential money laundering that may have occurred prior to the campaign, with Donald Trump as a private citizen."

Huckabee said tying together Russian oligarchs and potential money laundering is an incredible jump, saying he is amazed at the connections some people make.

"This is just partisan claptrap," he said on "Outnumbered," arguing that it's "absurd."

Fox News analyst Marie Harf said the new developments into Mueller's probe also tie into the question of potential obstruction of justice by Trump.

Huckabee added he has seen "strong evidence" of obstruction of justice by ousted members of the FBI.

"If we want to talk about what happens when you lie to the FBI, I want to know what happens when the FBI lies to us," he said.

The Washington Post reported Tuesday night that Mueller told Trump's attorneys last month that the president is the subject of his investigation, but not a criminal target at this juncture.

According to the report, Mueller informed Trump's attorneys that he "is preparing a report about the president’s actions while in office and potential obstruction of justice."

The president has said he wants to testify before the special counsel, and in person, but many have said doing so could be risky and advise answering questions in a written format.

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