Dershowitz on Alleged Trump Collusion: Robert Mueller 'Inventing a Crime'

Judge Andrew Napolitano said Thursday that Special Counsel Robert Mueller not naming President Trump as a "criminal target" in the Russia probe could possibly be a ploy to give him "a false sense of security." 

The Washington Post reported Tuesday night that Mueller told Trump's attorneys last month that the president is the subject of the investigation, but not a criminal target at this juncture.

The conversation reportedly occurred as Mueller was negotiating with Trump's attorneys about a possible interview with the president.

"As much as I want the president to be able to be president and not have this on his back, I encourage him not to relax and not to rejoice," Napolitano said. "They are still pursuing things."

According to the report, Mueller informed Trump's attorneys that he "is preparing a report about the president’s actions while in office and potential obstruction of justice."

The president has said he wants to testify before the special counsel, and in person, but many have said doing so could be risky and advise answering questions in a written format.

Napolitano also noted in an op-ed Thursday that Mueller is looking for three things regarding the president: conspiracy, possible obstruction of justice by Trump himself and any financial misdeeds committed by Trump before he was elected president.

Watch the segment from "Fox & Friends" above.

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