'The Five' Sounds Off on Hillary Joking That Fox News Is 'Trying to Impeach' Her

Rachel Campos-Duffy said Thursday that first lady Melania Trump was unfairly mocked by Jimmy Kimmel on his show Monday night and that the jokes are a far cry from what the Obamas experienced.

Kimmel mocked the first lady's Slovenian accent as she was reading a children's book to the kids at the White House during its annual Easter Egg Roll event.

"Never stop exploring, 'cause life would be boring. Be clever and be curious just like a cat. Ask lots of questions about this and that," Mrs. Trump read.

"Like dis and dat," Kimmel said, impersonating an Eastern European accent and then joking to Guillermo Rodriguez that he could be first lady. 

Campos-Duffy, whose mother is an immigrant, said on "Fox & Friends" she took the jabs at Melania personally and called out Kimmel for also joking about President Trump's relationship with his son, Barron. 

"It was a fun day for the president — he got to eat chocolate. He even met a nice kid named Barron who he really liked," Kimmel joked.

Campos-Duffy also noted how Michelle Obama was hardly ever critiqued or insulted on late-night TV during her husband's presidency.

"She was treated by Hollywood and the media like royalty. Melania also broke barriers. She's the first immigrant first lady since the early 1800's. ... They never give her any credit," she said, adding that Mrs. Obama and her daughters were never "attacked" in this way. 

She accused Kimmel and others on the left of only championing immigrants who "they can use to advance their ideological agenda."

"[Liberals] only like a certain type of immigrant - the ones that they can use to advance their ideological agenda, the ones they can use to use to gain political power. They have no use for someone like Melania Trump, a conservative immigrant like my mom."

Sean Hannity also blasted the late-night comedian for his jabs at the first lady, calling Kimmel a "despicable disgrace."

Watch the segment above.

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