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A New York Times columnist believes former Presidents Barack Obama and George W. Bush may have to team up to stop a "constitutional crisis" brought on by Donald Trump. 

Thomas L. Friedman argued on MSNBC Tuesday that the former commanders-in-chief are "saving their powder" for such a moment that he believes will arise from Special Counsel Robert Mueller's investigation.

"I think [Mueller] is going to find something that will trigger a constitutional crisis," he said, arguing that he believes Republicans would refuse to act in that situation. 

"Barack Obama and George W. Bush have both been staying out of the political fray, despite all the attacks on them from Trump because they understand they are going to have to come together in the face of this constitutional crisis that’s in our future and stand up for the Constitution. It’s going to have to be done in a bipartisan way by two ex-presidents, who I think still have a lot of credibility, and my guess is they are saving their powder for that."

Responding on "The Story," constitutional scholar Jonathan Turley questioned why the left and the mainstream media are still pushing this narrative. 

He wrote in a Hill column that "many journalists and analysts seem incapable of accepting signs that the Trump presidency could survive." 

Turley said there are "very few objective signs" that a constitutional crisis is looming and "if anything, the criminal case against President Trump has weakened over time."

He said that could change for Trump if new evidence emerges, but the president remains only a "subject" of Mueller's investigation, not a target, despite the review of hundreds of thousands of documents and a "myriad of cooperating witnesses."

"The problem is that very few people can get themselves to say that there isn't a clear-cut criminal case against the president." 

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