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Mexico's ambassador to the United States told Martha MacCallum in a "Story" exclusive that his country does not promote illegal immigration.

Ambassador Geronimo Gutierrez responded to criticisms from President Donald Trump, who said Mexican authorities are doing very little to stem the tide of people and drugs flowing northward.

He also reacted to Trump's plan to amass National Guard troops on the border.

Gutierrez said he spoke with Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen and received "clarity" on the matter.

"The central point is that we do believe it is in the interest of both nations to have secure borders," Gutierrez said. "We don't always agree how [we do that]."

He said his country "does a lot" to promote "legal, safe" immigration.

"Mexico does not advocate nor promote undocumented immigration," he said. 

When MacCallum asked if authorities in Mexico City will be forced by Trump to pay for a border wall, Gutierrez said that "the short answer is 'no'."

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