House Dem: Trump 'Scapegoats' Immigrants to Distract From Mueller, Stormy Daniels

Police said Tuesday that the woman who shot three employees at YouTube's San Bruno, California headquarters before fatally shooting herself was angry that she wasn't being compensated for the videos she published.

They said 39-year-old Nasim Aghdam had posted numerous videos online, ranting about her frustration with the company.

Aghdam had a run-in with police around 2 a.m. local time Tuesday in Mountain View, when she was found asleep in her car.

She was let go by police after they determined she wasn't a threat.

According to Aghdam's father, he called police on Monday after not being able to contact his daughter for several days. He said he also notified them of her vendetta against YouTube, but he did not know she had a gun. 

"I thought maybe she was going to start a fire or something," he told a local FOX reporter.

Aghdam's family said she believed she was being "censored" by YouTube due to many of her videos touching on the subject of animal cruelty.

San Bruno's police chief also said there is no evidence that Aghdam had any type of a personal relationship with anyone on YouTube's campus.

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