'Angel Dad': Oakland Mayor Should Be Charged With Obstruction for Warning About ICE Raids

A grassroots organization founded by parents whose children were killed by illegal immigrants is introducing a ballot initiative to repeal California's "sanctuary" state law.

Fight Sanctuary State, led in part by "angel parents," is looking to overturn Senate Bill 54, which limits cooperation between state and local authorities and ICE.

"The misnomer about this sanctuary state law is that it doesn't protect illegal aliens at all. It only protects illegal aliens who have committed crimes," said Don Rosenberg, one of the group's co-founders.

Rosenberg's son, Drew, was on his motorcycle in San Francisco in 2010 when a man who was in the U.S. illegally struck and killed him, running over his body several times in an apparent attempt to flee the scene.

Roberto Galo, a Honduran national, was convicted of misdemeanor vehicular manslaughter, sentenced to six months in jail and was ultimately deported in 2013.

Fight Sanctuary State is looking to strengthen the cooperation between local and federal law enforcement when it comes to illegal immigrants, something that California's sanctuary designation limits.

The ballot initiative aims to require local law enforcement to notify federal authorities when it has an illegal in custody and cooperate with ICE officials, impose criminal penalties for officials who obstruct immigration enforcement, and stop the Department of Motor Vehicles from issuing new licenses to illegal aliens.

"So many people don't even know that [SB 54] is in effect, and a lot of people think that it just protects 'law-abiding illegal aliens' and it doesn't at all," Rosenberg said on "Fox & Friends."

A number of cities across California have been working to opt out of the state's sanctuary law, including Huntington Beach, Los Alamitos and Aliso Viejo.

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