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A witness who was ordering lunch next to the YouTube headquarters in San Bruno, California told local media he saw the reported shooter wound one woman and likely kill another.

The man, who said he was parked in the drive-thru lane at a neighboring Carl's Jr. hamburger shop, told KTVU-2 that he heard gunshots coming from the YouTube facility.

As the active shooter situation was developing, the man's account was not immediately confirmed.

The man, who refused to give KTVU his name, said he helped one woman seek refuge in the Carl's Jr.

She was reportedly shot once in the leg and had a tourniquet of napkins applied to her wound.

The witness said that when he went back outside, he saw a woman get shot "ten times."

"I knew that I had to run for cover," the man said, describing the shooting scene as being the rear of the YouTube building.

He said there was an outdoor courtyard where employees were apparently having "a party."

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