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Tucker Carlson said in his monologue that Mexico effectively uses the United States as its "welfare system."

Carlson said that cash sent by immigrants to family back home makes up part of the Mexican economy.

He called Mexico a "hostile foreign power whose interests are very different than ours."

Univision anchor and dual citizen Jorge Ramos took issue with the sentiment, but said he has criticized the corruption in the Mexican government in the past.

Ramos said Mexico is fed up with what he called President Donald Trump's "racist statements" and claims that some Mexicans were "criminals [and] rapists."

Carlson said Mexico should be doing more to break up the "caravan" of Honduran nationals using it as a pass-through to get to the U.S. border to claim asylum.

Ramos said the "caravan" incident is proof that Trump "needs Mexico" to help fix its immigration problem.

"Without illegal aliens, Mexico would collapse," Carlson said, pointing again to the wealth generated by remittances. "Mexico wouldn't exist."

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