Border Patrol Council VP: 'Obama Holdovers' Keeping 'Catch & Release' Alive and Well

President Trump said he has spoken to Defense Secretary James Mattis about the U.S. military being used to police the southern border. 

"Until we can have a wall with proper security, we are going to be guarding our border with our military. That's a big step," he said at the White House, expressing dismay at a caravan of migrants making their way from Honduras to the U.S. border.

According to a BuzzFeed report, the caravan was organized by People Without Borders. Many planned to apply for asylum at the border in the U.S. or slip in undetected. 

Trump said other countries are laughing at the U.S. immigration laws, which he said "are so weak and so pathetic" that the migrants would be allowed to enter. He said under the Obama administration's policies, the migrants could be released into the U.S. with a court date, but that many would never show up to court.

He then applauded Mexican authorities for breaking up large portions of the caravan as it moved through Mexico.

"They have very strong immigration laws, as we should have," he said, adding the caravan situation "make [him] very sad."

"It's sad for the people in the caravan and it's sad for the people in the United States."

He said asylum-seekers are coached in advance on what to say at the border in order to go before a judge and start the process.

"We cannot have them taken out. We have to bring them before a ridiculous court system," he said during a meeting with Baltic state leaders.

Trump called on Mexico to do more to police its side of the border, threatening to make the issue part of new negotiations on NAFTA.

Watch his comments above.

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