'Serial Inaccuracies': New Book Disputes 'Fire and Fury' Claims by Michael Wolff

Tiger Woods' representatives are disputing the claims made about the star golfer in a new biography, trashing the book for being "littered with egregious errors."

Jeff Benedict and Armen Keteyian wrote extensively in "Tiger Woods" about the 42-year-old's upbringing and family.

The authors wrote that Woods is "a narcissistic loner who lacked basic decency" and that the "inability to show gratitude, apologize or express appreciation was rooted in his upbringing."

In a joint statement, Woods' manager and spokesman said in response, "This book is just a re-hash from older books and articles ... They did zero fact-checking of any kind."

They specifically pushed back last week on an excerpt from the book in which Woods is alleged to have been rude to President Bill Clinton during a round of golf. 

"The whole notion that Tiger was disrespectful toward the President is completely false," former Clinton aide Doug Band wrote.

Benedict defended his book's claims on "Fox & Friends" Tuesday, saying it was "unfortunate" that Woods was not made available for an interview before the book was published. 

He said the book is a "true story" and Woods' reps are calling out minor details in the book, like getting the name of a tournament wrong. 

The biography also comes on the heels of Woods' return to the Masters, set to begin Thursday in Augusta, Georgia.

Woods has not won a major tournament since 2008, but appears to have regained his top form this season following years of injuries and setbacks. 

"He's doing something that transcends sports and golf. ... It's a great thing to watch whether you like golf or not," said Benedict. 

Watch the segment above.

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