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A member of Mexican ex-President Vicente Fox's cabinet said Tuesday that President Donald Trump should adopt a "more humanitarian Christian attitude" with Mexico.

Juan Hernandez, a Texas native who holds dual citizenship in the United States and Mexico, told Martha MacCallum that "Mexico is not the enemy."

Hernandez agreed with a tweet from his former boss, who led Mexico from 2000-2006. Fox called Trump's "militariz[ation] of the southern border" a provocation of "more hate and distance" between the neighboring countries.

MacCallum asked Hernandez about the "caravan" of Honduran nationals transiting through Mexico. She reported that some of the caravan has broken up in recent days.

Hernandez said Mexico has detained thousands of illegal immigrants coming northward from Central America over the years.

"Mexico is not the problem, Mexico is not the enemy," he said, adding that Trump should take a cue from the Easter holiday and embody a more "Christian attitude" toward his nation's neighbors.

Hernandez predicted that the centrist PAN party's presidential candidate, Ricardo Anaya, will win Mexico's July elections and subsequently "stand up to Trump."

But, Hernandez said that Anaya would also be able to negotiate with Trump without the "insults" he said have been coming from the White House.

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