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Rep. Adriano Espaillat (D-N.Y.) accused President Trump of ramping up his immigration rhetoric to distract people from the Mueller probe and the allegations by Stormy Daniels.

"This is a way of scapegoating a good part of the country," the upper Manhattan representative said on CNN in response to Trump's many tweets over the weekend about DACA and other issues.

Espaillat said Trump's strategy is to "pivot" to attacks on Democrats over immigration and the border wall when Special Counsel Robert Mueller "puts up the heat" or when new stories come out about his alleged extramarital affair with the porn star. 

He said Trump wants to throw "red meat" to his supporters and downplay the importance of what Mueller is uncovering. 

In recent days, Trump has tweeted about the need for border security as a "caravan" of illegal immigrants heads to the United States from Honduras.

According to a BuzzFeed report, the caravan was organized by People Without Borders and Mexican officials have not attempted to halt the migrants.

Trump also said DACA is "dead" and blamed the situation on Democrats, while claiming migrants are heading to the U.S. through Mexico to "take advantage" of the policy. 

Meantime, the first jail sentence was handed down in the Mueller probe Tuesday after a Dutch lawyer pleaded guilty to lying about his contact with former Trump campaign adviser Rick Gates.

Fox News' Judge Andrew Napolitano warned last week that Mueller could be zeroing in on laying out a case tied to collusion between the campaign and Russians. 

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