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Neil Cavuto and Judge Andrew Napolitano discussed President Donald Trump's apparent feud with Amazon founder and CEO Jeffrey Bezos.

Cavuto said that Trump's public attacks on Amazon and accusations that the online marketplace giant is financially hurting the United States Postal Service have put a dent in the company's stock price.

Napolitano said Trump is not legally liable for anything negative that happens to Amazon or Bezos, so long as he is using his right to free speech to make remarks about the economy and the company in general.

He said, however, that if Trump is "intentionally trying to harm Amazon in order to enrich himself, he might potentially be liable for the financial consequences of what he said."

Cavuto said that the drop in Amazon’s stock price has devalued Bezos’ personal holdings personally by anywhere from $16 million to $18 million in recent days.

Napolitano also noted the post office has a legal monopoly over first-class mail when it comes to certain Amazon packages.

Napolitano the basis for any potential lawsuit by Bezos would entail Trump or a Trump-owned entity profiting from any financial decline of Amazon.

Cavuto and Napolitano said that type of situation is unlikely at this point. Bezos also owns the Washington Post.

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