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A northern California community's city council recently approved plans to remove a bronze statue of Republican President William McKinley that stands in the town.

Arcata, a coastal town in Humboldt County, approved a resolution to topple the likeness of the 25th president over his decision to annex Native American lands undemocratically.

Tucker Carlson discussed the decision with Green Party Councilman Paul Pitino, who supported the resolution.

McKinley, for whom the highest peak in the United States was named until the Obama administration reverted back to the original Denali, was also an Ohio governor.

In 1898, McKinley supported annexing the Hawaiian islands, which at the time were inhabited by natives. Shortly thereafter, it became property of the United States and later became a state in 1959.

Carlson noted McKinley joined the Union Army at age 18, wherein he fought at the Battle of Antietam and several skirmishes in and around what is now West Virginia.

He added that McKinley is also well-known as a victim of gun violence. An anarchist named Leon Czolgosz assassinated McKinley while he greeted the public on a visit to Buffalo, New York.

"I'm correcting a 112-year-old error of judgment," Pitino said of the statue's removal, citing the mistreatment of Native Americans.

Though the two disagreed on the destruction of the statue, Carlson and Pitino agreed it is often bad precedent to create statues to humans - all of whom are flawed in some way.

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