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Tucker Carlson debated an illegal immigration advocate over whether Mexico should stop the caravan of Honduran nationals bound for the United States.

Carlson told Enrique Morones of Border Angels that "we would no longer be a country" if we allowed every underprivileged person in the world to come here without question.

"You're for more immigration," he said, noting the Hondurans are "walking across Mexico and just showing up expecting to be let in."

Morones said the United States is too often a "hostile nation" and pointed to what he called "intervention" in other nations' affairs.

Morones said President Ronald Reagan interfered in Central America during the Iran-Contra affair and that more recently America is seeking to interfere in Mideast affairs.

Carlson said Morones was in effect defending the government of Mexico, which tacitly decided to "abet" illegal immigration into the United States by failing to stop the caravan.

Morones accused Carlson of "lying" and asked for a document to prove Mexico is actively helping Hondurans flee into the United States.

Carlson summarized that Morones was legitimizing illegal immigration by saying America's "sins" mean that we are on the hook for any troubled society's ills, and the forces that make people flee them for our land.

"You hate America is what you're saying," he said.

Morones responded by saying that President Donald Trump is "an embarrassment to the world" and added that America takes more of foreign countries' natural resources than they should.

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