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A lot of people deserve a second chance, but ex-convicts facing deportation, do NOT. Governor Jerry Brown, these Final Thoughts are for you. 

Five- that’s the number of criminal immigrants our California Governor pardoned on Friday. That’s five criminals who are not even American citizens, shielded from deportation.  This move by Governor Brown was likely intended to be a slap in the face to President Donald Trump and Attorney General Jeff Sessions but big picture, this is a slap in the face to Californians. 

Democrats have always maintained they want to protect families, children and good people from deportation while getting rid of the bad apples. That’s always the justification for shielding and coddling illegals. Well, what now?

These five immigrants broke the law and wound up in our criminal justice system - sucking our tax dollars. Let’s meet them, shall we? 

Sergio Mena- convicted in 2003 for possession of a controlled substance for sale.

Francisco Acevedo Alaniz- convicted for vehicle theft in 1997.

Phann Pheach- convicted in 2005 for possession of a controlled substance for sale and obstructing a police officer.

Sokha Chhan-  he was sentenced in 2002 for inflicting corporal injury on a spouse or cohabitant and threatening a crime with the intent to terrorize in 2002.

Daniel Maher- sentenced  in 1995 for kidnapping, robbery and using a firearm.

Governor, are these really the immigrants you want to go to bat for? Ex-convicts? Car thieves, drug dealers, domestic abusers, robbers and kidnappers? These are criminals who don’t deserve a second chance. 

We’ve got the governor of California pardoning ex-convict immigrants and the left wonders why some of us cling to our guns for protection. Hello! When those elected and entrusted with keeping us safe are more concerned with protecting and defending criminal immigrants - we are forced to take safety into our own hands. 

This kind of reckless behavior is par for the course for Governor Brown and it doesn’t surprise any of us. So what can we do? Make sure our next governor isn’t Brown 2.0.  Elect Gavin Newsom, Antonio Villaraigosa or any Democrat and that’s exactly what we are going to get. 

Californians deserve to feel safe in our own backyard. We deserve to come first in our own state AND country. We deserve leaders who will go to bat for us, not ex-convict immigrants. That goes for every state, not just here in California. 

Don’t cower in the corner for fear some liberal loud-mouth is going to shame you for believing in America and Americans first. We deserve better but no one is going to hand it to us. If we want that power, we are going to have to show up, vote and take it back. If not now, when? When the state is so overrun with illegals we no longer have a fighting chance? So stand up. Let your voices and your votes make a change.

Those are my Final Thoughts. From L.A., God Bless and Take Care. 

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