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Basketball legend Charles Barkley ripped Trump supporters in a CNN interview over the weekend.

Speaking to former Obama adviser David Axelrod, Barkley said he's "never been more angry and disgusted" with President Donald Trump due to his constant tweeting and routine staff changes.

Jesse Watters said on "The Five" that when Axelrod asked Barkley about Trump's election, the former Philadelphia 76ers power forward had choice words for the New Yorker's supporters.

"Nobody ever wants to look in the mirror and say 'it's my fault'," Barkley said. "[Trump] reached a demographic that won't look in the mirror and say 'my life sucks because of me'."

Barkley also said there is a small contingent of Trump supporters who were not happy with the fact America elected a black president, Barack Obama.

"I know some people were like 'wow we got a black president'," Barkley said.

However, as Greg Gutfeld pointed out, Barkley will often follow criticisms with positive remarks about the same subject.

In the interview, Barkley said the Russia collusion narrative is a distraction, but may be true.

He also said there are more important issues than allegations made by Stormy Daniels.

Gutfeld said that Barkley, who campaigned for Sen. Doug Jones (D-Ala.) in 2017, is just like Trump in many ways.

"He's an opinionated trash-talker," Gutfeld said, adding that Barkley may be hinting that he has or once had political aspirations.

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