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Mike Huckabee reacted to the backlash that many on the left are offering up after the return of "Roseanne" featured the titular character as a Trump-supporting matriarch of a family with diverse viewpoints.

One viewer who Huckabee said encapsulated the premiere's success was actor Rob Lowe, who tweeted that the show's "massive ratings" are a product of the fact that "it celebrates people with huge political differences who are able to laugh and love together as they passionately disagree."

Lowe, however, was blasted on Twitter, including by one respondent who said they couldn't "laugh" at someone who is "destroying America" - an apparent reference to their view of President Donald Trump.

Huckabee said the unifying characteristic of left-wing people is that "they have zero sense of humor."

"These are the most bitter, angry, really disappointing and disgusting people because they're so sad with life," he said.

Huckabee said the left-wing is also home to the "Antifa" movement which claims to be "anti-fascist."

However, he said that the left's reaction to "Roseanne" is the latest proof that the "Antifa" name is misnomer.

"The thing... they would find ironic if they understood  stood irony is they are fascist," he said, noting the definition of a fascist is a person who wants to "suppress opposition" and "control industry and commerce."

By the fact that they could not respect Lowe's and others' independent and differing viewpoints on a sitcom because it featured a character they didn't like exemplified how they were indeed acting like the people they claim to oppose.

"If you don't agree with [Antifa and the left, they will] shut you down," Huckabee, a former Arkansas governor, said.

"These people can't laugh at themselves. They don't laugh at anything. They are angry," he said.

Huckabee said he is fine being the target of the left's Twitter rage, saying that he "keeps [them] occupied firing at me" instead of other people in the center and the right who cannot take such coarse criticisms.

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