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Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren is in China for Easter weekend, speaking with dignitaries in Beijing about her reservations regarding President Trump's actions on the world stage and collective concerns about Sino-American trade relations.

Warren, a Democrat whose name has been floated as a 2020 Trump opponent, talked trade policy with Vice Premier Liu He, Defense Minister Wei Fenghe and another Chinese official named Yang Jiechi, according to Reuters.

"This has been a chaotic foreign policy in the region, and that makes it hard to keep the allies that we need to accomplish our objectives closely stitched in," Warren said.

She reportedly accused Trump of trying to "take the legs out from underneath [the American] diplomatic corps," which "Fox & Friends" discussed may have been a reference to the president's firing of Secretary of State Rex Tillerson.

"You can't but help see this through a political prism," Griff Jenkins said. "She is trying to go overseas and undermine our significant and very important negotiations."

Pete Hegseth pointed out Warren's view of Trump's foreign policy is flawed to the extent that the president has apparently gotten North Korea to the negotiating table without military action.

Hegseth called Warren's visit to the Chinese capital a "preemptive apology tour," should she become President Warren.

Warren also said American trade policy with China was bandaged with a "happy face story" that Beijing was acting responsibly when it comes to intellectual property permissions and a more open Chinese market, Reuters reported.

"Now U.S. policymakers are starting to look more aggressively at pushing China to open up the markets without demanding a hostage price of access to U.S. technology." Warren told reporters.

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