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Retired business executive Herman Cain said the Washington Post has been forced to admit that President Trump's economic policies are working.

However, the 2012 presidential candidate from Georgia added that the District of Columbia broadsheet isn't telling the "full story" about Trump's successes.

The Post's headline reads "There's A Surprising Rebound in Trump Country, and It Could Be Short Lived."

The piece explains how American locales that voted for Trump in 2016 are excelling at a faster rate than those that didn't.

Cain said the Post appears to leave out the fact "the whole country is Trump country" in this regard - explaining that the economy is better nationwide.

He said that places that were or are economically depressed are improving exponentially compared to others, which makes the places that did not support Donald Trump look less improved.

Cain praised Trump for pushing American gross domestic product "north of 2.5 percent" and setting the stock market "on fire."

He and the "Fox & Friends" panel discussed, however, that Post owner Jeffrey Bezos is a common foil of Trump.

They debated whether the two magnates' criticisms of each other led both Trump to criticize the paper in the past and for Bezos' editorial to leave out the whole of Trump's accomplishments from the piece.

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