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Tucker Carlson debated a New York City councilman who supports an assault weapons ban in the wake of the Florida school shooting.

Carlson said two of the problems with an assault weapons ban are that there is little consensus on what "assault weapon" means and that millions of similar weapons are already lawfully in the hands of American citizens.

Jumaane Williams, a Democrat from the Flatbush section of Brooklyn who is running for lieutenant governor of New York, said the ban is not about turning weapons in to the government.

Williams said it is easy in political debate to mention "the point that would cause the most consternation."

"[The ban] is not about getting guns from people in their home, [it is] to prevent sales from moving forward," Williams said.

Carlson reiterated that even with halt in sales, millions of guns would still be out in the public.

"I want specifics, because I'm an American citizen," he said. "Are you going to answer the question?"

Carlson added that he opposes such a move to begin with because "guns are inanimate objects that don't shoot people on their own."

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