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Actor Robert Davi reacted to the success of the "Roseanne" reboot, which ABC has already renewed for a second (or eleventh) season.

Davi, known best for playing Bond villain Franz Sanchez in "License to Kill" as well as roles in "The Goonies" and "Die Hard," said Roseanne Barr's program was able to "communicate to the American people something that's happening around their living rooms."

In the premiere episode, Barr is at odds with sister Jackie (Laurie Metcalf) over her support for Hillary Clinton after Barr made reference to "making America great again" during a dinnertime grace.

Davi, who now often tours the country singing from the "Great American Songbook" by people like Frank Sinatra, said Hollywood has gotten "a lot worse" when it comes to political tolerance over the past 50 years.

"Hollywood has always had a certain kind of left-wing leaning," the Queens, N.Y. native said. "[they often have] a mindset or a worldview that is an antithesis of what we're seeing today in terms of 'America First'."

David Asman asked Davi how conservative-leaning actors and producers like himself are able to continue to get work while they hold views that oppose the collective ideology of the region.

Aside from vocal actors like James Woods, John Ratzenberger and Jon Voight, Davi said a lot of people who lean right only discuss politics among other fellow conservatives.

Davi added that it is important that people that can afford to speak up in Hollywood do so.

He said that, in the 1950s, "Godfather" actor Sterling Hayden was a key member of the Communist Party, and that Ronald Reagan "crashed a party" Hayden and other top actors were attending.

Davi said actor John Garfield stood up for Reagan - who was apparently the only conservative in the room - and demanded the crowd let the future president speak.

He said Hayden later called Reagan a "one man wrecking crew," making the point that even a single voice can and must be heard to promote good discourse.

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