'Your State Is a Sanctuary Disaster': Ingraham Battles CA Dem Over Census Backlash

A sheriff in Texas on Friday touted President Donald Trump's proposed border wall and his efforts to stymie illegal immigration, saying America "should secure our borders by the best means possible."

A.J. Louderback, the sheriff of Jackson County, is one of 380 sheriffs from 40 states who wrote a letter to Congress, urging them to act on funding the barrier.

“Without border security and immigration reform, more Americans will continue to be victims of crime. Now is the time to act,” the letter said.

"We felt very strongly that it's time to stand up and declare exactly what this country's about," Louderback said on "Fox & Friends."

He said he wishes there was more accurate reporting of the issues border states like his face when it comes to human and drug trafficking, but that the wall will work.

"Texas sheriffs and our border sheriffs have been under assault and have been penetrated for years with untold numbers of different things," he said.

Louderback said a "balanced" approach - using a wall, technology and more manpower - will secure the border, explaining that a wall is not the most effective tool in some Texas border areas.

In remarks in Ohio Thursday, Trump reiterated that he remains committed to building wall, saying "we're getting that sucker built."

"You think that's easy? People said he's giving up on the wall. I never give up," he said. 

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