Judge Nap: Mueller Just Dropped 'Biggest Hint' Yet of Trump-Russia Collusion

President Trump wrote back to an eight-year-old North Carolina boy who pleaded with the White House to help with a kidney donation for his father. 

Fore Putnam wrote to the president, Ivanka Trump and Santa Claus around Christmas last year. His father, Trae, is in dire need of a new kidney and currently undergoes dialysis three times per week.

"Please help. That's all I want for Christmas," Fore wrote. "Maybe one toy."

The president not only praised Fore for his love and determination, but also said he'd work on helping his father.

"I have shared your letter with my staff and they are working to see what help they can provide," Trump wrote.

Fore said he was "happy" and "impressed" when the president wrote back to him. His father has been on a kidney transplant wait list for three years and says he no longer feels helpless.

"It has been a prayer answered, that's for sure," he said. A GoFundMe page has also been set up for Trae Putnam for those wishing to donate.

Watch the segment above.

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