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Dr. Sebastian Gorka said Friday that new proposed vetting procedures for U.S. visa applicants and tourists are a "commonsense" approach from the Trump administration.

In a notable change, the State Department is expected to review the social media accounts of some applicants.

Gorka said on "Fox & Friends" that the approach by the Obama administration over the last eight years was "insanity."

"Under the Obama administration, they said for privacy reasons the State Department officials can't look at someone's Facebook page if they're applying for a visa. That's insanity," said the Fox News national security strategist. 

Gorka said so many terror suspects are later found to have published their extreme ideology online, like the San Bernardino terrorists

"Even if you haven't committed any crimes, that's a massive red flag," he said, adding that the president is delivering on his promise to implement "extreme vetting" procedures for those seeking entry into the United States.

Under the new vetting measures, travelers would be required to provide phone numbers, email addresses, international travel and immigration issues within the last five years. Travelers would also be required to answer questions about possible family connections to terrorism.

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