GA Teacher Assigns Students to Write Letters to Lawmakers Pushing for Gun Control

Hillary Clinton was back on the speaking circuit Thursday, addressing students at Rutgers University in New Jersey and pushing back on those who have called on her to leave the national political scene. 

The former secretary of state suggested the criticism has a sexist tone, questioning why unsuccessful male presidential candidates were not told to "shut up" after their losses.

Clinton called out the media for labeling her "shrill," while failing to take issue with some of President Trump's behavior. 

"It’s about time that women were allowed to be themselves the way men are allowed to be themselves," she said.

But Clinton also admitted she had some missteps after taking criticism for recent comments about Trump supporters and the women who supported him.

"I can do better. There are things I’ve said I’d like to take back," she said. 

On "Fox & Friends," White House counselor Kellyanne Conway urged Clinton to discuss issues relevant to the national conversation, like infrastructure, opioids, health care and taxes. 

Instead, Conway noted that Clinton keeps bringing the discussion back to herself and the reasons for her defeat. 

"I don't see her out there talking about anything much beyond herself," she said, adding male candidates like John McCain and Mitt Romney were "much more gracious" about losing. 

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