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Conway: Hillary Clinton Should Talk About 'Something Besides Herself'

Tucker Carlson faced off with former longtime Clinton communications director Jennifer Palmieri on why Hillary Clinton lost the 2016 election and why there's so much hatred for her.

Palmieri, author of the new book "Dear Madam President," argued that -- historically speaking -- the idea of a woman in charge is still a "radical thing."

She acknowledged Clinton's gender wasn't the only reason she lost to Donald Trump, but she said she's heard a common refrain from Clinton's detractors: "There's something about her I just don't like."

"Do you believe that the hatred that exists for Hillary Clinton is rational?" Palmieri asked. "Do you think that Hillary Clinton has done so much in her life that she is deserving of the hatred? Does it not strike you as if something's amiss there?"

Carlson pointed out that a majority of white women voted against Clinton, noting that Clinton recently claimed she lost in part because those women didn't stand up to the pro-Trump men in their lives.

"I can't imagine anything more patronizing, more disgusting to say about women," he said.

Watch the extended discussion above.

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