'He's Happy for Me': Roseanne Barr Gets Call From Trump After Show's Smashing Premiere

President Trump vowed to protect gun rights, called out the media and touted the success of "Roseanne" in remarks Thursday afternoon.

"We want to protect our Second Amendment," he said to applause, pointing to comments from retired Supreme Court Justice John Paul Stevens. 

Stevens wrote this week that young demonstrators who marched in favor of gun control last weekend "should demand a repeal of the Second Amendment."

"That's not gonna happen. We have the best judges," said Trump. 

Trump traveled to Richfield, Ohio, to tout his plans for rebuilding the nation's infrastructure, but he touched on many other topics during the address to workers.

"That is what I do, I build," Trump said, touting the planned construction of the southern border wall.  

"I was always very good at building. It was always my best thing. [I'm] better at being president, I was good at building."

Trump said his administration is committed to doing things "under budget and ahead of schedule." He said the economy is doing great, but the "fake news" refuses to talk about it. 

"They're fake. Unemployment claims are at their lowest level in 45 years," he said, also criticizing the media for not covering the recently-passed STOP School Violence Act.

The president even brought up the successful reboot of the 1990s sitcom "Roseanne," which features Roseanne Barr's character as an unabashed Trump supporter.

Barr said Thursday she received a call from Trump, who congratulated her on the show's big ratings for the season premiere on ABC. 

Watch the clip above.

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