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Mark Steyn said a major reason the Democratic Party has veered to the left is because the party's centrist wing was represented for so long by Bill and Hillary Clinton: "kleptocrats" who stole from the American people.

"The Clintons are in it for themselves," Steyn said on "Tucker Carlson Tonight."

"They're opportunists. They're running this rotten charity that is basically there to provide them with a head of state lifestyle when the public declines to make them heads of state."

The author and columnist argued that the progressive wing of the party became more appealing to Democrats who didn't want to "feel dirty" by supporting the Clintons and their agenda.

"The left is the comparatively clean side of the party," he said.

Carlson agreed, saying that the Clintons essentially discredited centrist politics with their "sleaziness."

Steyn said that has huge repercussions, and Clinton defenders like Jennifer Palmieri and Donna Brazile should be addressing that, instead of arguing that Hillary Clinton still has a future as a leader in the Democratic Party.

Watch more above, and see Carlson explain how the left sees illegal immigrants voting as a way to obtain power.

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