'13 Prosecutors, 30 FBI Agents': Judge Nap Says Trump Must Take Mueller Probe Seriously

Judge Nap: Mueller's Probe Is 'Gearing Up and the President Remains in His Crosshairs'

Judge Andrew Napolitano said Thursday that Special Counsel Robert Mueller dropped a "hint" about possible evidence of collusion between the Trump campaign and Russia. 

In a court filing Tuesday, Mueller revealed that former Trump campaign deputy chairman Rick Gates was communicating during the campaign with a Russian intelligence officer.

Napolitano emphasized that Gates was the business partner of Trump campaign chairman Paul Manafort before, during and after the campaign. Gates has since pleaded guilty to a "fraction" of the charges he could have faced and is likely a "treasure trove" of information for Mueller, the judge explained.

"This is the biggest hint that Bob Mueller has shown us of the existence of what non-lawyers are calling 'collusion,'" said the Fox News senior judicial analyst, adding that Mueller is looking into whether there was a criminal conspiracy by the Trump campaign to obtain "something of value" from a foreign government. 

"That very agreement [during a federal campaign] is criminal."

Napolitano said Mueller could be signaling to those who continue to claim there was no collusion that he has a reason to believe otherwise.

"[Mueller is saying] I have something here, I'm not gonna show all of it to you until I develop it more," he said. 

President Trump has maintained since the election that the campaign did not collude with the Kremlin, which has been blamed for hacking DNC and Clinton campaign emails and facilitating their release through WikiLeaks.  

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UPDATE: A Dutch lawyer was sentenced to 30 days in prison on Tuesday for lying to federal investigators about his contacts with senior Trump campaign official Rick Gates.

Alex van der Zwaan, the son-in-law of Russian oligarch German Kahn, is the first person to be sentenced as part of Special Counsel Robert Mueller's probe.

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