Former Campaign Aide: Hillary Clinton Email Scandal Was 'Trivial and Irrelevant' Issue

Donna Brazile said Thursday she hopes Hillary Clinton "stays on the battlefield" and uses her "invaluable experience" to help the country during the midterm elections.

The former Democratic National Committee interim chair told Dana Perino that Clinton knows what Americans should be doing in the 21st century and wants her not to back down.

An op-ed published in The Hill expressed the sentiment that the former secretary of state should back away from the political spotlight in order to help Democrats succeed.

"So long as Clinton continues to publicly nurse her grievances over the 2016 election, the Democratic Party’s task of recapturing the House and Senate is made that much more difficult," Lloyd Green wrote.

Brazile also said she hopes to see a "pink wave" across politics, where women have "their seats at the table."

"We need to harness the momentum that's out there. [Women] are running because they saw Hillary do it, they're running because they're part of the resistance," Brazile said.

Watch the discussion from "The Daily Briefing" above.

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