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Dana Loesch believes the left is not being honest about the true goal of the push for more gun control laws.

The NRA national spokesperson said on "Fox & Friends" Thursday that a repeal of the Second Amendment and gun confiscation is the real aim of Democrats. 

Retired Supreme Court Justice John Paul Stevens wrote this week that young demonstrators who marched in favor of gun control last weekend "should demand a repeal of the Second Amendment."

Loesch said anti-gun activists share this view and some talk about "mandatory buyback" programs, which she sees as a "word salad for [gun] confiscation."

She added that calls for a ban on the AR-15 are really an effort to ban all semiautomatic weapons, while anti-gun protesters insist they are not in favor of "taking" anyone's guns away.

"We're finally starting to see anti-gun advocates be honest about where they are on this issue. ... That's exactly what they want, they just stop short of saying it because they know it doesn't poll well," she said.

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