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Tucker Carlson debated an attorney over California's law banning local and state cooperation with immigration detainers.

Raul Reyes said he agreed with Carlson when it came to the case of one county official who is planning to post names of inmates-to-be-released so that ICE can take proper action.

The official has been warned that their actions may defy the new state law.

Reyes said it complies with the law because it doesn't "single out" Latino names or names of illegal immigrants.

However, he and Carlson differed on the case of Oakland Mayor Libby Schaaf (D), who warned illegal immigrants of a pending ICE raid.

Carlson said four of the people committed felonies in the time between the warning and their eventual capture.

Reyes said ICE is not taking matters of immigration detainers seriously, since they allegedly do not act on all detainers and have about a 50 percent deportation rate when they do.

He said the right way for ICE to go about capturing illegal immigrants is through warrants, not detainers.

Reyes said Schaaf simply "directed people to know their rights" and that some of those later captured had "no direct link to Oakland."

"Is there anything you won't make an excuse for?" Carlson asked, adding that he found Schaaf's behavior appalling.

"How could you side against the safety of citizens?" he asked.

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