Hazleton 'Transformed Forever': Tucker, GOP Rep Talk Mass Demographic Changes via Liberal Immigration Policies

Tucker: 'The Left Almost Lost Consciousness' Over Census' Immigration Question

Tucker Carlson debated former longtime Clinton communications director Jen Palmieri over what he saw as drastic changes to the Democratic Party platform.

Carlson said the party changed "dramatically" over the last few years, from when President Obama said in 2012 that "we should take on illegal immigration" to Democrats demanding amnesty.

"The problem got a lot worse and Congress wouldn't do anything about it," Palmieri said. "We tried to pass comprehensive immigration reform."

Carlson asked whether Palmieri could see a time when non-citizens could vote. Palmier said she agreed that voting is a citizen's right.

On the subject of those liberals like retired Supreme Court Justice John Paul Stevens who have called for the repeal of the Second Amendment or related actions, Palmieri said "people want more gun control."

However, she would not endorse a drastic change like repeal, noting that she is in a gun-owning family and respects the right to bear arms.

"There should be an assault weapons ban," she said, prompting Carlson to ask how the government could curtail the possession of assault weapons, if the definition of such was ever clarified.

The Mississippi native said some of Carlson's line of questioning was intended to put her in a "box" against an "extreme straw man."

"My questions are totally sincere," Carlson said.

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