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Tomi Lahren appeared on "Fox & Friends" on Wednesday to react to the growing backlash against California's sanctuary law.

The Orange County Board of Supervisors on Tuesday voted to join a Justice Department lawsuit that contends the state's sanctuary policy -- which which limits cooperation between local police and federal immigration agents -- is unconstitutional.

Lahren recently asked Californians what they think about living in a sanctuary state, and she found that many of them did not support ignoring federal immigration law.

"I think you'd be surprised ... just how many conservatives and Americans live in California that want the laws to be enforced and want to be safe in their own backyard," Lahren said.

She praised the Orange County Sheriff’s Department for pushing back against the sanctuary law by publishing the dates on which all inmates -- regardless of immigration status -- will be released from custody. The sheriff’s department said its objective is to assist law enforcement agencies, including Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE).

"The sheriff's department in Orange County has it exactly right. They are protecting Americans first," Lahren said.

"I hope other places follow suit. I think now they will be emboldened to do so. I think citizens are going to stand up. They're going to make their voices heard. I think they're going to go against all the labels and all the name-calling, and they're going to make sure that their families are safe in California."

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