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Missouri Attorney Gen. Josh Hawley (R) spoke with Martha MacCallum about his state's key senate race.

Hawley is seeking the Republican nomination to oppose Sen. Claire McCaskill (D-Mo.) in a state won by President Donald Trump in 2016.

Hawley, 38, said McCaskill, 64, will try to shift the conversation to a criminal trial surrounding the state's Republican governor, Eric Greitens.

He added that McCaskill is also sounding a more cautious tone about Hillary Clinton, whom she supported in 2016.

McCaskill once called Clinton "warm and engaging," but more recently said she'd appreciate if the former secretary of state were "more careful and show[ed] respect to every American voter," following Clinton's comments about women who voted for Trump.

Hawley said McCaskill voted against the tax cut bill, and has voted in the past for tax hikes.

"Claire McCaskill has done nothing for workers in my state," he said, criticizing her "atrocious record" on votes like one against Justice Neil Gorsuch's confirmation.

McCaskill has ripped Hawley for being "out of touch," citing his Yale University degree.

MacCallum said McCaskill has a standing invitation to give her side on "The Story."

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