Teacher Put on Paid Leave for Questioning Student Walkout: School 'Basically Targeted Me'

Tucker Carlson asked Tuesday whether the media and school administrators would support pro-life students who led a march against abortion. 

He noted that on MSNBC, a reporter urged viewers to sign a "contract" to vote for candidates who support increased gun control laws.

"How long before they're like, sending out directions to Planned Parenthood?" he asked.

Carlson said marches against guns are encouraged by almost everyone in power in the United States, including school administrators, the media and most of the world's billionaires.

He highlighted the story of a history teacher in Sacramento, California, who experienced firsthand "what happens when you try to challenge the conventional view on anything."

The teacher, Julianne Benzel, was put on paid leave after she triggered complaints by asking her students if they believed an anti-abortion protest would be allowed by school districts across the country.

The question was posed to the students before National Walkout Day, where students across the country were allowed to leave school to march against gun violence.

The school district's chief of communications and community engagement, Diana Capra, said in a statement, "The teacher was not penalized or placed on leave based on her viewpoints."

Benzel said her students were not offended by her questions at the time, but school administrators took action the following day without giving her a reason. 

Watch the interview above.

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