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Tucker Carlson said the political left loudly objected to the return of a question in the U.S. census that asks about citizenship status.

Carlson reminded the audience that the main point of the census is to apportion congressional districts.

"The left came close to losing consciousness today," Carlson said, after Secretary Wilbur Ross and the Commerce Department announced their 2020 census would again ask about citizenship status.

The question was absent from the 2010 census and was a fixture on the form from 1820 to 1950.

Carlson said California Attorney General Xavier Becerra is now suing the Trump administration over the decision, saying the question is unconstitutional.

"The left doesn't care what is or what isn't in the Constitution -- Did you watch the [March for Our Lives] this weekend?" Carlson said.

He said that if Democrats were concerned about representative democracy, they would be more vigilant to prevent voter fraud.

"What progressives really care about is power," he said, adding that the left "hates" the fact the people elected Donald Trump.

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