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Pennsylvania Congressman Ryan Costello said he stands by his vote for Donald Trump in 2016 but ripped the president's excessive tweeting and inability to be a "role model."

Costello, who represents West Chester, Wyomissing and Pottstown, said that as someone in a competitive Congressional district, he's been concerned with what the president does outside of his policy agenda.

Costello said liberal Americans claim criticism of Trump is "never good enough," while people on the right may ask, "why aren't you defending him?"

"I've lived through it for the last year and a half," Costello said.

The 41-year-old recently announced he is not seeking reelection after a redistricting map drawn by the Pennsylvania Supreme Court for the 2018 elections made his swing district markedly bluer. He also cited the "angry [political] environment."

He said he's supported Trump on regulatory reform and other measures like the tax cuts, but said the president's other issues create some concern.

"I have little kids. I don't want them to ask me 'what does Stormy Daniels do for a living?'," Costello said.

When MSNBC host Katy Tur asked whether he believes the pornographic actress is telling the truth about a tryst with Trump, he said, "I think she is."

Costello said that, though he disagreed with President Barack Obama on many things legislatively, he found the former Illinois senator to be a better "role model" than Trump.

"[Trump] would do Republicans in Congress much much better if he would focus on governing," he said.

"This kind of stuff is not good for our country," Costello said. "[Trump] should be a role model."

Costello added that he was one of the members of Congress to call for a special counsel, but said the probe should not be halted or "perverted."

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