Former Obama Official: Warnings on Russian Trolls, Potential Election Meddling Were Ignored

Brookings Institution Senior Fellow Michael O'Hanlon said Tuesday that the expulsion of 60 Russia diplomats from the United States solely won't help the country's larger issues with the Kremlin.

According to CBS News, Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov on Tuesday condemned the expulsions, saying a small group of countries doing so gave into "blackmail" by the U.S.

"He also said there should be no doubt that Russia will respond in kind, saying no one would put up with such 'thuggish' behavior," CBS News reported.

President Donald Trump ordered the diplomats out Monday and also closed down the Russian consulate in Seattle.

Officials in both the United States and Europe suggested that the Russians were behind the nerve agent attack on a former Russian spy in the United Kingdom, which they say was a solid basis for action.

Additionally, the White House said the 60 ousted diplomats are Russian spies.

"They're trying to develop a picture of how Washington works, who knows whom, that sort of thing. It's sort of old-fashioned "gentlemanly" spying, if you will, in many cases," O'Hanlon told Shepard Smith.

At least 140 Russians have been expelled by 27 countries.

Watch the segment from "Shepard Smith Reporting" above.

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