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Mark Levin said Tuesday that the "porn-ification of the media" allows for excessive coverage of any salacious anti-Trump headline that could grab the public's attention.

He added that the coverage of adult film actress Stormy Daniels' accusations against President Trump are also hypocritical in the face of similar accusations against former presidents that garnered less press time.

Levin said that, prior to the Anderson Cooper-"60 Minutes" interview with Daniels, the media focused on a "kook with his book" - referring to Michael Wolff's tome about a White House in disarray.

He said that there was also a Yale University professor who diagnosed Trump as being mentally ill, and that the professor also got press time.

"The media obviously hate Trump," Levin said.

He added that the media knows they won't convince Trump supporters to change their minds but instead are targeting independent and unaffiliated voters who supported Trump in 2016.

Levin said President John F. Kennedy had been the subject of several scurrilous allegations.

He said those stories did not get as much coverage as Daniels, nor did allegations that President Lyndon Johnson's alleged extracurricular escapades were "worse" than Kennedy's.

Levin added that the multiple allegations against Bill Clinton - the alleged rape of Juanita Broaddrick, purported sexual misconduct in front of Paula Jones, and Monica Lewinsky affair - were not as interesting to the press as Daniels.

"Donald Trump isn't even close to this stuff," he said.

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