'Socialism Is Tyranny': Shapiro Addresses MN College Students Amid Protests

College Students React Negatively to Trump's SOTU ... Before It Even Happens

Thousands of people took to the streets nationwide on Saturday to participate in the March for Our Lives demonstrations, calling for action against gun violence.

In Washington, D.C., approximately 200,000 people filled Pennsylvania Avenue and the surrounding areas to rally in support of gun control.

Campus Reform's Cabot Phillips spoke to several young demonstrators about what changes they want to see.

"I think that the Second Amendment at this time is outdated," one young woman said. "I think that the wording needs to be revisited."

Another woman echoed the sentiment, saying that the Second Amendment was written for a "different time," while another argued that it doesn't apply in today's society.

"I think that the Constitution in and of itself is something that's outdated," one demonstrator said.

On "Fox & Friends," Phillips lamented that many students don't learn in the classroom that the Constitution is intended to protect Americans' liberties.

"I wonder if this same logic applies to the First Amendment, because the Founding Fathers, they never could have imagined Twitter, they couldn't have imagined YouTube and all these things," Phillips said. "And freedom of the press. Should we restrict the right of all journalists because a few journalists are misusing the freedom of the press?"

"It's collective punishment for the actions of a few individuals."

Other students struggled to explain what an "assault weapon" is, though some said they favor even broader restrictions on gun sales.

Watch the segment above, and see Tucker Carlson explain how the left is colluding with powerful corporations to roll back gun rights.

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